Easter 2017



Easter is a time of renewal. It’s an opportunity to refocus our lives and embrace new beginnings. Easter gives us a chance to restore faith in ourselves and others.

This is Brenda’s story.

Brenda was born in 1954 to a middle class Hamilton family. Her father was hardworking; someone she aspired to be like. He instilled a do-it-yourself attitude in her and taught her how to be handy, whether that was fixing a car, cutting the grass, building a deck or simply offering a helping hand. Brenda loved to travel and visited places like the south of France, England, California, the Caribbean and her favourite spot – New York City. She was a motivated woman who had a lot going for her.

But sometimes, life throws us challenges that can turn our lives upside down. In Brenda’s case that challenge was mental illness.

In her forties, Brenda was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Doctors were trying to find the right combination of medications to help her but in the meantime she couldn’t work. Her life spiraled to a point where she had to sell her home of 25 years and was forced to take an early pension just to make ends meet. She was just trying to survive. Her family
didn’t understand. People who she thought were friends turned their backs on her during her time of need. It was a tough time but Brenda never gave up.

Today, with proper medication Brenda says most days are good days. Her life is not what it used to be but she has accepted life’s challenges and works each day to overcome them.

St. Matthew’s House recently helped Brenda get some everyday items she needed including blankets, sheets, socks…just basic things. She was completely overwhelmed by the generosity of others. “In all, you have made me believe in human kindness, once more,” she said.

This is the kind of hope that Easter brings. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning.

Please make a donation today to help many others like Brenda who visit St. Matthew’s House! Help us help the new comers to our city, the single seniors, and the children who need a safe space during the day. Renew hope for those that we work with every single day.

Thank you for all your past support! I hope your Easter is filled with faith, reflection and growth.